How to Become an Expert In Your Niche Before You Think You're Ready

One of the main objections I have heard from clients is that they do not feel like they are prepared or ready to really put themselves out there and be seen as a resource of knowledge for those they want to serve. But for the women I work with, nothing could be further from the truth and it’s my role as the mentor to help them see themselves as the expert they already are.

If you have been discounting your value or selling yourself short on the amazing value you bring to your space then it’s time to call it out and put it to rest.

Here’s what you first have to understand. The stories that you tell yourself are just small sentences that you have allowed to settle into your mindset and disguise itself as true.

I don’t feel like I know enough.

I’m not ready to be visible like that yet.

I don’t know enough people or have enough followers yet.

I don’t know enough yet.

I don’t feel qualified.

These short small sentences pack so much punch and has a self-sabotaging ripple effect in your business, mindset, brand, and confidence. Those small sentences create major mindset blocks and dims the light on the path that should be shining bright before you.

Do not allow yourself to be held hostage by these thoughts.  Give yourself full permission to release yourself from it today and start owning your worth and leveraging it show that you are an expert in your niche.

But, before I dive into how you can become an expert in your niche before you think you’re ready, I want to bust this one myth about being an expert.

An expert does not mean you know all things about something.

An expert is well-versed on a topic and provides thought leadership, but does not know it all.

So if that concept of being an expert has been holding you back, consider yourself released!

Now let’s dive in!

Tips on how you can become an expert in  your niche before you think you’re ready.


How to be an expert in your niche

Know Your Niche

Knowing your niche is the foundational to establishing expert authority in your niche. You have to know the space you want to be in and know what’s buzzing and what’s not in that space. The fun part about being an expert in your niche is you get to create the buzz.

Share unconventional wisdom on a topic

Start thought provoking or polarizing conversations on a topic

Share examples of your own or your client’s experience


Always Learn and Engage

Experts don’t know it all, but they are fascinated with the idea of learning all that they can. Experts also like to know what others think on the same topic.  People love to share their opinions so be willing to share what you’re learning, your thoughts, and ask others to share their thoughts as well.

You can do interview series

Host panel discussions or a summit

Host a live virtual coffee date and invite your audience to chime in

Know the Value of What You Already Know

Do not assume everyone knows what you know and do not assume everyone knows even the basics of your niche.  It is ok for experts to share basic fundamental knowledge in their area of expertise. It shows that you have a good understanding of the basic elements that others may want to learn from you.

Experts don’t just speak to the experts, they speak to the beginners as well.  If you value your voice and your knowledge, others will value and respect the knowledge that you share.

And being the expert does not mean everyone is going to agree with you.  This creates a lot of fear around being seen as an expert because you think if others in your niche disagree, then you could be wrong.

There is no right or wrong way to build your business in the online space.  I personally have followed and broke the rules along the way and I have seen others follow the rules to a T and others build their business they way they wanted regardless if it broke the rules or not.

Do not allow the fear of others disagreeing with you stop you from showing up and sharing your value.  It’s what makes being the expert in your niche so interesting.


Be Visible

You do not have to have a TED Talk in your bio to be recognized as an expert.  Whoever looks to you for guidance sees you as an expert. But when you want to be recognized as an expert across your audience, you have get comfortable with being visible. Visibility can take on whatever look you want, but you have to show up.  If it’s through your blog, video, podcast, meet-ups, speaking engagements, just pick a platform and do it!  You don’t have to be visible everywhere all the time, but your audience has to see you show up.


Own It!

This can make or break everything else I just shared with you in the tips above.  You have to own it like real estate. Your expertise is your bread and butter, your brand catalyst.  You might feel like it’s hard to own your worth, your value, and expertise when you see others crushing it better than you.

Guess what!

It’s ok to have people in your industry you admire and respect for their expertise.  It does not mean you should see yourself as less than adequate or qualified to strut your stuff.  

A consistent message I share in my community and with clients is that no one is like you.  The market is only saturated if you don’t own your unique position in your niche. If you continue to blend in, it will be difficult to see yourself as an expert, but when you know the unique gifts, skills, and strengths you possess and know how to infuse that into your business and brand, your market is not saturated.  

What your expert thoughts about being an expert in your niche?  Have you been holding yourself back because you felt you were not ready?  Now that you know how simple it is be be an expert, which tips do you think would help you start showing up more and owning your zone of expertise?