How to Discover Your Brand Voice That Gets You Noticed

You’re ready to be front and center of your target audience. You want to share your mission and explain the impact of what you do.  Well, before you do that, you’re going to need to know how you want to speak to your audience.

Knowing your brand voice makes all the difference between how your target audience receives and perceives you. It also creates another point of differentiation in your brand which you definitely want if you don’t like to blend in with the masses. I want to share with you w your voice is so important, how I found my voice, and why it’s so important to stick with it.

Your Voice is Discovered Not Developed

The great thing about using your voice in your brand is knowing that you already have one. (yay!) That’s why I want to emphasize to you that it can not be developed. It’s uncovering your unique style of communication that feels aligned to you and resonates with your target audience.  Your voice is how you communicate your message, your brand, and your personality to your target audience.

 It helps you connect to your target audience so that they can relate to you as a person, a brand, and ultimately someone they trust buying from.

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Four Key Elements to Your Brand Voice:

  • Language - how use spell and use certain words or phrases in your content and messaging, fonts, and

  • Personality - the feeling you want to resonate with your audience like perky, upbeat, or serious.

  • Tone - how you use your voice to communicate to customers and let them experience you, your service or product before they decide to purchase from you.

  • Emotion - Your voice influences how you want your audience to feel with they read or listen to your content.

You have to know the style, personality, and tone that feels true and authentic to you. Like minds tend to connect and it’s the same with your audience or client.   No one knows your style and personality better than you do, so find out what that is and go with it. Don’t try to copy someone else’s voice just because they have the social media following or sales that you want. It takes time to build your audience and connecting with your readers using your own voice will help you get there.  The best part is you’ll be connecting to the right audience and you won’t lose your voice because it’s yours!

How I Discovered My Brand Voice

  • Clarity on my target audience. I got insanely clear on who my target audience was and how I wanted to represent my brand and connect with my target audience. Knowing my dream client, her desires, goals, challenges, and being fully confident in my personal stye and what came natural to me was key.

  • Specific language. The other big thing for me was my faith because that meant that there were specific ways I could communicate or explain a concept or thought to my audience from a faith perspective that they would understand and appreciate.

  • Knowing my emotional tone. I went deeper into my dream client’s emotion's and tied that into my communication strengths and natural style. Connecting to my dream clients emotions and invoking that emotion through my content. Some of the emotions I wanted to convey through my content was

    • Conviction

    • Inspired

    • Powerful

    • Compelled

    • Irresistible

  •  Having a Personal Tone. I chose to ignore the textbook style of writing and grammar and lean into my conversational tone which felt more natural and easier to communicate. I didn’t want my written or audio content to feel like an English composition or school presentation.

Brand Voice Tips to Get Noticed and Attract Your Dream Client

Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent

Your brand voice should resonate with your target audience, so don’t pull a switcheroo on your tribe.  If you use specific, catchy phrases, words, or spell words a specific way, then stick to it so your audience can distinguish your voice from others.

Match Your Brand Voice to Your Target Audience

Certain every day words may or may not resonate with a particular audience.  For example, if audience is primarily are seasoned corporate professionals, then using slang may not be ideal. But, it also depends on how you want to position yourself in front of your target audience.  If you want to talk about how to slay your swag at your next corporate happy hour to get noticed, then it could totally work. Get it!

 The more you stay consistent in your branding, the better and quicker your dream clients will connect with you.

 They get to know your personality and are so familiar with your voice they can practically hear you speaking through your written content, exclamations and all!

 If you know that slang and broken English is not your style, then don’t use it!

Communicate in a consistent manner that will provoke the same feeling that your audience loves you for and makes them want to come back for more.

Don’t hide your personality, let it shine.  

Your Voice Impacts Your Client’s Experience with You Before They Buy.   

Stick to what you know, be true, authentic, and don’t question your voice.  Your voice is a brand asset You are your best you and your voice resonates the loudest it's unique to you.

How You Can Discover Your Brand Voice and Get Noticed

  1. Pick a topic that you really enjoy and write about it without edits.  Do this at least two to three times to make sure you’re not switching up otherwise you won’t get any clarity around this. That way, you can really tap into what you are doing consistently.

  2. Read your note aloud to listen to yourself.   Use a voice recorder to hear yourself better.

  3. Think about what unique or personal touches that resonate with you that would like to be a part of your business or lifestyle.

What emotions or tone do you incorporate into your brand voice. I’d love to know in the comments.