The Cost of Confidence

Do you know that someone with a less sophisticated business strategy can make way more money in their business because they have the confidence to go after what they want.

Yes, confidence can get you a lot further than strategy because it will push you outside of your comfort zone.

Confidence will push you to:
- Share your message regardless of other people’s opinions
- Contact a business or organization and pitch your service
- Send the email to let others know you’re in business
- Host a live event
- Launch a business

Perhaps you're someone who boldly lives out their purpose in their business and knows the difference between putting skin in the game and playing small.

Or maybe you're someone who's confident enough to step outside of their comfort zone to create the impact you want to make.

But, if not, then your confidence is costing you EVERYTHING!

If you’re in business and you’re in it for the long haul, confidence is a muscle you have to build up and flex in the scariest of situations.

Confidence will make you face your inner critic and voice that can make you feel like a fraud, an imposter, or unqualified in your industry.

It will have you create your own table knowing that there’ll be others who don’t and won’t believe in your vision or dream to be a successful business owner.

Confidence says, who cares and so what!

This is your vision and purpose to pursue.

Check out the video where I share the cost of confidence and then leave a comment and share your thoughts.